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2019 - Volume 13, Issue 2

Research Articles

  • Junuguru Srinivas
Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into the helm of affairs, he has stressed the role of the Indian Diaspora in Indian foreign policy making because he had realized the importance of the Diaspora in his development strategy. More than 25 million members of the Indian Diaspora are scattered...
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  • Lesіa Dorosh
  • Olha Ivasechko
  • JarynaTurchyn
The essence and main characteristics of the hybrid war are reviewed as a means of destroying the enemy country from inside due to the effective combination of conventional armed forces, subversion, propaganda, and dissemination of misinformation. The hybrid tactics used by the Russian Federation in Ukraine...
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  • Al Chukwuma Okoli
  • Elias Chukwuemeka Ngwu
This article seeks to examine the phenomenon of boundary disputes in East Africa. By way of a case-study approach, guided by the theory of territorial materialism, the study posits that the ‘colonial causation’ narrative, exemplified in the ethnic partitioning/disintegration hypothesis, does not wholly...
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  • Arkadiy Alekseevich Eremin
  • Oleg Konstantinovich Petrovich-Belkin
The article attempts to critically evaluate a controversial transnational phenomenon in the Western hemisphere, known as the ‘War on Drugs’. Started by Richard Nixon to regain the support of his electorate, it has continued to dominate anti-drug policies in the Americas until now. In this article, the...
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  • Chikodiri Nwangwu
  • Chukwuemeka Enyiazu
  • Ejikeme Jombo Nwagwu
  • Christian C. Ezeibe
Globalisation has promoted the connections among sovereign states in the international political economy. Despite the preponderance of neo-protectionist tendencies in the United States and some European countries, the import of regionalism in global political economy has not waned. While economic regionalism...
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  • Christopher Portosa Stevens
In “Kinds of Democracy,” I vary the kind of democracy across levels in multi-level governments and federations. Varying the kind of democracy from level to level produces new competitive structures (and also new kinds of political complexity), such as producing opportunity structures for political parties...
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Book Reviews

Cyber Security: An Introduction for Non-Technical Managers
  • Jeremy Swinfen GREEN
In his Cyber Security, Jeremy Swinfen Green provides some insights for ‘non - technical managers’, as the subtitle suggests. His intention is to map, after trying to give a holistic definition of the term, all the risks associated with the improper, malicious or incorrect use of technology, both for...
Thinking Like a Political Scientist
  • Christopher HOWARD
Christopher Howard, known chiefly for his contributions to the study of American politics with The Hidden Welfare State (1997) and The Welfare State Nobody Knows (2006), makes a pragmatic and unpretentious contribution to the already burgeoning literature on political methodology with Thinking Like a...