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2017 - Volume 11, Issue 1

Research Articles

  • Richard R. Moeller
Abstract: In the past three years two new political parties have been established in Germany and both approach recent economic, social and civil issues from the political Right. The Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) can indeed be viewed further to the right than the Alliance...
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  • Nino Kereselidze
Abstract: After the collapse of the USSR and the outbreak of armed conflicts in the Caucasus, international relations scholars and practitioners have sought explanations about causes of conflicts and ways to their resolution. This article poses why conflicts have erupted in the countries of the former...
  • Vladimir Remmer
Abstract: One of the unmistakable characteristics of Russia’s “White House” uprising that led to regime change in August 1991 was its broad popular support. The political upheaval that initially found buttress in Muscovite urban middle classes soon transcended all social strata and geography ending dominance...
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  • Pavlo Ignatiev
Abstract: This article deals with necessity of oil-rich countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to move away from commodities export in favour of more diversified economies in times of low prices of crude oil. Issues, including the rise of alternative branches of industry, shifts in agriculture...
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  • Zbyněk Dubský
  • Radka Havlová
Abstract: The present conflict in Ukraine is considered one of the most significant crises in Europe since the disintegration of Yugoslavia. And, it is taking place in a very specific area with special interests of external actors. The conflict, which has escalated into a war, has been regulated and,...
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  • Nik Hynek
This article analyzes the significance of regime theory, or regimes theorization, for the field of International Relations. It tries to reflect on theoretical affinities between the two, with an intention to recast regime theory as IR theory. While this may not be surprising given that regime theory...
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