Muslim militant

ABSTRACT: Non-state military actors (i.e. private military companies, contractors and/or militias) form an inherent part of the present global system. In many cases, however, the role and participation of non-state military actors appears to be rather ambiguous and unclear. In order to illustrate the activity of such actors we address the 2011 Libyan rebellion and focus on the increasing sphere of influence of non-state military actors, especially contractors and private military companies, in the Dzamahirija region. Specifically, this study analyses the reasons behind the decision of certain non-state military actors to participate in the rebellion. The time period covered in the study is divided into three phases: pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict phases. Analysis concentrates on the participation of particular types of non-state military actors and their activities over a specific period of time.

KEYWORDS: Military and Militant Non-State Actors, Contractors, Private Military Companies, Libya