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2015 - Volume 9, Issue 2

Research Articles

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  • Michael Becker
ABSTRACT: How do states involved in international conflict decide on the quality and quantity of force to use? Traditional understandings of military threats and force in international relations emphasise its quality as an instrument for achieving victory in a dyadic dispute. However, changes in the...
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  • Iveta Hlouchová
ABSTRACT: The Czech Republic has its own, specific, experience with the privatisation of security. The Czech private security market and available private security services has typically been limited to domestic sectors. This article explores the potential Czech private security actors have abroad and...
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  • Natalia Piskunova
ABSTRACT: This study focuses on trends in maritime piracy in the Aden Gulf in the period 2009-2012. My research examines core actors and their activities and the corresponding responses of local and international authorities. This work is based on analytical monitoring conducted over the same period. Keywords: maritime...
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  • Dagmar Rychnovská
ABSTRACT: Over the past two decades, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has increasingly dealt with new thematic issues and, particularly, with so-called “transnational security challenges.” What implications does this trend have? Focusing on conceptual dimensions, this article analyses whether,...
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  • Jan Prouza
  • Jakub Horák
ABSTRACT: Ghana is among the largest military contributors to UN Peacekeeping Missions (PKM). Irrespective of Ghana’s considerably smaller population size, armed forces capabilities and state budget than other contributing states such as India and Nigeria, Ghana has been substantially involved in most...
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  • Traian Urban
ABSTRACT: Over the past few decades, Spain has transformed from a net emigration country into a hub of international immigrants. Over the past five years, the number of foreigners living in Spain has increased four times implying a flow of some three million new people streaming into Spain at a time...
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  • Jan Kovář
ABSTRACT: This work contributes to the debate on the Europeanisation of political parties and particularly the Europeanisation of party election manifestos. This contribution investigates the extent of programmatic Europeanisation of relevant political parties before the 2013 Chamber of Deputies elections...
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  • Ignatiev Pavlo
ABSTRACT: This work analyses events in the political life of Bangladesh after military rule. It focuses on the rise of the leaders of two influential parties – the Awami League and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party – and the reasons for their animosity towards one another. I argue that both these political...
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  • Šárka Waisová
ABSTRACT: This work is concerned with the tactic of using environmental cooperation as a conflict transformation instrument. This is an optimistic approach which suggests that environmental cooperation is an independent variable that may positively influence politics due to it retaining strong peacebuilding...
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