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2010 - Volume 4, Issue 2

Research Articles

Two international Ukrainian passport with handcuffs on US dollars background
  • Yuliya Zabyelina
Transnational crime has been accepted as a working concept in most related disciplines. Yet, regardless of its wide recognition by academicand policy making communities, the term has remained amorphous. In order to provide greater precision, this article engages in a bold effort to conceptualise transnational...
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Russia and Iran
  • Thowhidul Islam
Abstract: Despite Iran’s claim that its nuclear intentions are based strictly on developing the technology for peaceful purposes, the regime is constantly criticised – notably by the US and EU – and has come under immense pressure, resulting in debilitating international sanctions to prod the regime...
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Father and daughter with a flag on Lithuanian independence day
  • Hanna Vasilevich
Having evolved from a Soviet republic to an EU member-state, Lithuania is viewed as an established democracy. Officially Lithuania is considered a ‘success story’ in handling minority issues. This work analyses the scope of national minority rights in Lithuania and is based on the country’s domestic...
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Democratic Republic of the Congo Flag painted on old wood plank background
  • Adrien Jahier
Whereas most interpretations of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) operations are either normative or functionalist, this article argues that what motivated the European Union member-states to launch military operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is nothing less than a classic struggle...
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Russian money
  • Irina Valko
EU-Russian economic integration and the growing institutionalisation of bilateral relations is, partially, the way out of global recession. Dueto political obstacles the pace of economic integration is rather slow. Unable to overcome the ‘lowest common denominator’ attitude towards each other, the EU...
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Missiles in the abandoned military base
  • Daria W. Dylla
Although the decisions of the Polish government to deploy the US missile defence base in 2008 and 2010 was regarded by many commentators as taken against the domestic majority opinion, this article presents some arguments to support the assumption that those decisions were compatible both with the improvement...
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Coal mine Michal in Ostrava region in Czech Republic, nowadays a museum
  • Senka Neuman-Stanivukovic
  • Marek Neuman
Building on the governance turn in EU studies, this work examines the emergence of polycentric interest structures among new member states and looks at the extent EU governance structures contribute to decentralisation and deconcentration of power with the state eventually losing its traditional monopoly...
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Dawn scenery of Shanghai financial district,China
  • Askhat Safiullin
Tracing the debate on the importance and influence of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on regional security integration in Central Asia, this work assesses the degree of its integration. It mainly addresses the interplay between individual state security needs, norms and identities. My proposed...
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