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ABSTRACT: The objective of this work is to exhort the Academia towards a Neoclassical Geopolitics, both in terms of theory and methodology. The relevance of the problem – the validity of Neoclassical Geopolitics – is based on the hypothesis that geography influences the foreign policies of States. Such an assumption is then tested empirically. In terms of methodology, a “theory testing” approach is selected, through the hypothetico-deductive model from Popper, using essentially qualitative approach. As for the structure, the study starts with a philosophical worldview that provides a basic set of ideas for a solid theoretical framework, in which the analysis shall be accomplished. Then sequential steps from the method succeed: delimitation of the subject, systematisation of relations among concepts, description and analysis of ideas from German School of Geopolitics, formulation of hypothesis, deduction and empirical tests.

Keywords: Geopolitics, German School of Geopolitics, Neoclassical Geopolitics, Critical Geopolitics Hypothetico-deductive method