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ABSTRACTThis study explores the rapidly developing area of conflicts in cyberspace. Its main objective is to outline the concept of cyber-insurgency, which has so far been missing from academic investigations. In addition, this work examines other types of conflicts present in cyberspace, including cyber-warfare, hacktivism and cyber-terrorism. Drawing key distinctions between these conflicts and cyber-insurgency enables us to formulate cyber-insurgency as a stand-alone concept. To this end, I base crucial features of insurgency on the work of David Galula. Applying this standard and traditional approach to the realm of cyberspace raises specific issues about violence and – more importantly - space itself. Finally, this study proposes reasons for the absence of cyber-insurgency from the current political scene and points to conditions for its future emergence.  

Keywords: cyberspace, insurgency, hacktivism, cyber-insurgency, cyber-warfare, cyber-terrorism