The world of investment and business is growing very rapidly. These developments occur both in Indonesia and internationally. Many investment actors want to keep the secrecy of the products or services they trade. Most of the things that these investors have are a novelty, but there are also not necessarily new things but not many people who understand and understand how to get the results obtained. For that reason, things like this need to be protected so that the creators of those things remain protected. To develop this secret business needs to be protected without being registered, in Indonesia, it is known as a trade secret. In practice, however, sometimes the secret trade-trafficker must share this secret with others in order for the undertaken business to flourish. The protection of this secret shall be made by making a nondisclosure agreement in which this Agreement is required not to notify anything contained in the business of either the business or the investment and the contents of the agreement to the other party.


Ranti Fauza Mayana Tanwir is affiliated to the Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia.

Daniel Hendrawan is affiliated to the Maranatha Christian University, Bandung, Indonesia.