The 2019 election did not escape from a variety of cases and issues, whether this is entirely affected or not at all. Elections are also an arena of competition that does not escape cheating, which can hurt the ongoing campaign period until the election. But most of the issues contained in this election period have a background regarding political identity. The emergence of 212 movements that initially aimed to convey the anger of the Muslim masses over the attitude of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Previously, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), turned out to have an impact until before the 2019 Election. This movement also emerged as a combination of conservative views and the rational attitude of the Muslim community to the conditions they were experiencing at that time. When referring to the ideology of liberalism, conservative nature is considered to create intolerance in society, although conservative societies also have other reasons behind their political attitudes. This political identity is also unavoidable in the 2019 General Election, where two presidential and vice-presidential candidates get support from two different identity groups, Muslim and Nationalist. In other words, in the 2019 general election the two candidates for president and vice president also use political identity to win the competition.


Keywords: political identity, general election, Muslim, conservative.