The emergence of a conflict is absence of mutual relations between two or more parties who have or feel they have incompatible goals. Conflict is emergence of never-ending perspectives about differences in interests where the aspirations of conflicting parties cannot be achieved simultaneously through peaceful harmonious consensus. The Papua problem requires a comprehensive and integrated solution by stakeholders who concerned with the future of economic empowerment and political awareness of local communities for boosting equitable prosperity for the people of Papua. Indonesia national leader, President Joko Widodo together with other stakeholders, should prioritise cultural approach and dialogue in solving Papua problem. Papuans youth who are living in Papua and other part of Indonesia still needs Papua’s Indonesia brotherhood continuously due to what happens in Manokwari and Jayapura riots on August 19, 2019 after persecution and racialism in Malang, East Java, has led to uncontrolled mass demonstration.


Keywords: Indonesia, Papua, Joko Widodo, dialogue, cultural approach.