This article aims to explain the ideal construct of Indonesia democracy after the 2019 presidential election which is colored by the conflict of two blocks known as cebong vs kampret. This shows that democracy cannot be separated from conflict. However, despite the ongoing conflict, is it possible for Indonesia to build an ideal construction of Indonesian-style democracy? Democracy in 2019 Presidential election is an indicator of political development in Indonesia, whereas all state institutions must ensure basic rights of Indonesia peoples. A valuable lesson of Indonesia democracy is diversity as a blessing of Indonesian human life with Pancasila as democracy system. In this system, deliberation (musyawarah mufakat) and majority voice ensure direct presidential election based on people’s will. The dynamic of 2019 presidential election is the emergence of the tightness and uniqueness of supporters of candidate pairs. At the end, this dynamic was coloured by flowing tears of the motherland mourning.


Keywords: democracy, presidential election, Indonesia.