The security conditions in Southeast Asian region are relatively safe and peace. There have never been direct confrontations or head-to-head wars between countries in the region, if ever there had been a confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia, but that did not happen. During the cold war era, security in Southeast Asia was guaranteed by the two super powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Something bias happen in this region, when the cold war ends European countries are committed to reducing their military budget, and the opposite is true in Southeast Asia. The focus of discussion in this research is to discuss about Indonesian military strength in the Southeast Asian region and how the possibility of an open war toward Indonesia. In quantity, there are fewer types of defense equipment owned by Indonesia than neighboring countries, but that does not mean that Indonesia's military strength is below those countries, according to GFP (Global Fire Power) Indonesia is the strongest in Southeast Asia. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research by describing all the phenomena of the research problem empirically. Analysis is done through literature studies from various journals, books, research reports and other sources. Based on the processing of these data, the authors then mapped the Indonesian military strength and make comparisons with the military strength of the countries of Southeast Asia. This military theme is very interesting to discuss because a country's military strength will reflect the strength of the country itself.


Keywords: Indonesia, military strength, open war, Southeast Asia.