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2023 - Volume 17, Issue 3

Issue published: 08 September 2023
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Research Articles

Abstract How can polarity be used as a pertinent conceptual asset to inform the description of the distribution of military capabilities amongst the most powerful states in the international system today, especially in consideration of U.S.-China competition? Using the military power approach to...
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Abstract Energy security has clear relationships with national security – historically, semantically, and practically. This exploratory study offers a quantitative and qualitative content analysis of 43 academic articles focused on energy issues, published in five international security studies...
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Abstract The UN Security Council continues to play a critical role in ensuring the maintenance of international peace and security. Towards this end, the Council has over the years delineated maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea as a threat to international peace and security. Through Resolutions 2018...
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Book Reviews

Publisher web: Springer
As the contemporary concepts of migration and security become interrelated, studies aiming to analyse why this is the case were published by reputed experts. One such example is Maciej Stepka’s Identifying Security Logics in the EU Policy Discourse, which provides a background and an academic analysis...
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